Our experienced engineers will study and analyse the relevant data to optimise the potential of the solar power generated with lowest costs. Consultancy and planning involve on-site visits and financial analysis of electricity consumption.

Our extensive experience and vast network of contacts with strategic industry partner enables us to negotiate and supply products and services that costume the project at the best terms possible.

We have our in-house project and site team who are extensive experience and expertise, assuring deliver highest levels of quality, that meeting time and cost deadlines, and for being in total compliance with local regulations.

We are able to increase the stability of the integration between your solar PV installation and the grid through a revolutionary plant control system that incorporates forecasting and energy scheduling capabilities.
Operation & Maintenance

We provide our clients with a complete solar Operations and Maintenance service to maximise the performance of their solar PV installations across the globe. Our monitoring system uses state-of-the-art technology and allows both onsite and remote monitoring.

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